Saturday, December 02, 2006

Silvius Leopold Weiss, Lute Composer

Silvius Leopold Weiss was an extraordinary lutenist and composer of lute music. About 650 of his compositions have survived to the present day, making him the most prolific lute composer in history.

Weiss was a contemporary of Johann Sebastian Bach. Although he is much less famous, the skill of Weiss, as a composer and performer, has often been compared favorably with that of Bach. Many people think that Weiss would have become much better known if he had written more than just lute music.

The genius of Weiss is difficult to describe, it is far better to hear his music. A good place to start is with a recently posted radio documentary about Weiss. This page also contains some nice audio examples of his music.

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Anonymous said...

Weiss' Sonatas for Lute as performed by Robert Barto is the most relaxing music I've listened to in my 51 years. I recently purchased all nine volumes and have thoroughly enjoyed them.

I have just recently been delving into classical music and while I was familiar with many composers I had not heard of Weiss. My searches on the lute quickly brought up his name and did not disappoint.

Barto is the best performer on Weiss' lute Sonatas I've heard thus far. I also have Eduardo Eguez two Bach Lute CD's. I prefer Weiss but both are very good.