Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lute Builders

Here's a list of links to lute builder sites. I provide this for informational purposes, only. If you are thinking of purchasing a lute, then it pays to do research. I hope this list will help. Even if you aren't planning on buying a lute, it can be a lot of fun to look at the pictures.

Daniel Larson
Chris Allen and Sabina Kormylo
Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris
Bruce Brook
David Edwards
Malcolm Prior
Arthur Robb
Martin Shepherd
George Stevens
Oliver Wadsworth
Jiri Cepelak
Stephen Murphy
Flox Florum
John Butterfield
Stephen Gottlieb
Sebastián Núñez & Verónica

Grant Tomlinson
Paolo Busato
Martin Hurttig

I know this list isn't complete. Please feel free to leave similar links in the comments section.


mR.r@4D said...

To the list i would add

Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris

Salvador Soto

Steve said...

New Renaissance by Larson is in and it's a wow-zer. What builders do you work with?

Daniel Thompson said...

I would like to check out Larson's instruments some time. I might take a trip there some day and maybe even buy one.