Friday, June 08, 2007

The Charango Plays Early Music

The charango is a delightful South American instrument. I hope to discuss it in greater detail in future posts as I'm very fond of it and play it occasionally. For now, I wanted to share a video of a man playing early music on the charango. (You may also enjoy visiting his blog, Early Music Charango)

Echo la Primavera (Played on charango)

Well, this video prompted me to do some more research and I found out about the group La Volta. Here are three of their videos. It might seem that the South American charango would be a little out of place in a Swiss group playing early European music, but I think it works very well.

Canarios-Gasper Sanz

Ballo & Saltarello-Simone Molinaro

La Follia - Anonymous, Italy (18th Century)