Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Early Music Groups

If you are interested in early music or play an early instrument it may be difficult to find relevant information about your interests.

It might be worth checking out some of the many early music groups that are now available. They can be a great resource for exploring obscure topics. If you have a question, you can search the archives or post your question for others to comment on.

My favorite way to use these groups is to sign up for email summaries of the discussions. This way, the information comes to me. I also use a separate email account and avoid giving out personal information to maintain my privacy.

I have assembled a fair number of links. Please feel free to leave a comment with links to other early music groups you enjoy.

Early Music Groups

Medieval and Renaissance Music
Music of the Middle Ages
Early Music Tribe
Medieval Musicians
Early Music Performance
Early Modern
Baroque List

Lute Groups

Renaissance and Baroque Lute
Baroque Lute
Lute Lovers Tribe
Renlute 2002
Bach Plucked
Classical Guitar and Lute

Viola da Gamba Groups

Viola da Gamba Tribe
Viola da Gamba

Harpsichord Groups

Harpsichord Enthusiasts Club

Recorder Groups

Recorder Friends

Ney Groups

Ney Lovers
Turkish Ney

Other Early Instrument Groups

Hurdy Gurdy Tribe
Renaissance Woodwinds
Dulcian List
Cornetto Zink

World Music Groups

World Music Forum


Esha said...

There's also a discussion list on viols at sandwich.net (sorry I don't know the details). You might be able to find out more by looking at the Viola da Gamba Society of America website (http://www.vdgsa.org ) or emailing viols@sandwich.net or viols@lists.sandwich.net .

Esha (viol player, Honolulu/London)
first syllable pronounced like saying the letter A, to rhyme with "may"

Daniel Thompson said...

Thanks for the tip. I found the site. It's an email list and it looks interesting. I signed up but haven't received any emails yet.
You can find it by going to http://lists.sandwich.net/mailman/listinfo.cgi/viols