Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Lute Society of America

It's good to see that appreciation of the European lute has spread well beyond the confines of Europe.

The Lute Society in the U.K. was the first lute society, but I was surprised to hear that The Lute Society of America is now just as big. If you check their links page you will find that there are several other lute societies throughout the world, including one in Japan.

I encourage you to visit The Lute Society of America. Check out their downloads page for sound samples and other resources. If your interest in the lute is more than casual, it may be worth it to become a member and get a subscription to their LSA Quarterly and Journal.

I would like to thank my readers who pointed out that I neglected to have a link to this society in my sidebar. I have corrected the oversight. I appreciate any comments that alert me to resources that deserve a mention on this blog.

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